Taking a Break From Guys?

If you know me, this sounds just untrue…. but let me explain:


2017 was not my year in a lot of different ways and one major reason was my failed “love life”.  Then again I haven’t had a good year in the guy department since I was in kindergarten because that was the last time a boy I liked, liked me back.  Even so last year was particularly bad. At least 5 different guys expressed concern about ending up on my blog. It felt cool at first because I was like “Oh man, I’m the Taylor Swift of the blog world” but then I didn’t like it as much… A guy I was “seeing” (this term is used VERY loosely) literally cried about the idea of ending up on my blog. That ‘relationship’ (this term is used even more loosely) ended quicker than it started.  


Anyway, the point is, that’s one of the reasons I have been on hiatus from my blog.  Another reason is that I am in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, attempting to figure out the next step in my life and as a result, I haven’t been in the writing mood.  Have no fear though, here are some of the events from last year that I wanted to write about:


  • I reignite a flame from my freshman year by sliding into his DM’s (one of my favorite pastimes) and he actually told me that he had a low key crush on me so I thought perfect. Well, it was not perfect.  There wasn’t any spark, at least on my side, and this is the boy that cried about the blog post so it was pretty obvious it wasn’t going to work. Also, it ended with one of the most traumatic, gross, and also hilarious experiences of my life but I’m too embarrassed to publicly talk about it at this moment in my life…


  • A door reopened with a person that I thought was permanently shut, but after it reopened it shut almost immediately after. Now I believe after about 3+ years with this person in my life, I think the door is ACTUALLY shut and locked. I would go into detail but this person reads my blogs.


  • Another guy from my past saw me one night at the bars when I was visiting my college town and he proceeded to slid into my lifestyle Instagram DM’s but I didn’t see the message till I left.  Fortunately, a month later I was back in town so I finally DM’d him back and we reignited the flame…. But that flame is officially out for good now.


Other boys were sprinkled throughout the year but those were the major bullet points.  As I said, it wasn’t a great year for me in the boy department but I tied up loose ends and permanently shut some doors! I made a vow to myself that 2018 would be different.  I was going to try my very best to just slow it down with guys and take my love life more seriously because it has been a joke for the past 22 years. I’ve been pretty successful so far. I haven’t gone on any dates this year, it may be up to debate as to whether or not that is by choice.  Honestly, I can’t really tell if this break from guys is intentional or not but regardless, it’s happening….




Until next time,


Tara Jacobson

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