21 Embarrassing Things I’ve Done Downtown

Since turning 21 I have gone downtown quite a few times.  I also seem to think that suddenly my tolerance has gone up and it most certainly has not.  Because of this I have done a lot of embarrassing things.  I don’t get embarrassed very easily because most of what I do would be considered embarrassing to the average person so I some how built up a high tolerance for what embarrasses me.  Regardless, these are 21 things I’ve done downtown that would probably be embarrassing to a normal person: ( how many times can I say embarrassing in one paragraph)

  1. Fall in Motav. (A bar)
  2. Fall outside of Motav. (The same bar, the same night)
  3. Ask someone if they needed to urinate…I USED THE WORD URINATE. He looked at me very confused and a little disgusted. (do you like my color choice)
  4. Puke. I made it in a trashcan though so that counts for something, right?
  5. An older man (50+) told me to “open up the vagina” when referring to my 21st sign. This is more embarrassing for him but I still felt embarrassed
  6. Break someones pint glass
  7. Break my own pint glass
  8. Step in pee in the mens bathroom. Don’t ask why I was in there.
  9. Feel a guys fingernails.  He still asked for my number afterwards soooo
  10. Run up and down the streets in wedges telling people I was training for a marathon
  11. Kiss a ginger. No offense to gingers.
  12. Attempted a British accent with British guys.  They did not ask for my number so
  13. Ripped my shirt
  14. Fell out of my chair after a guy winked at me
  15. Sung really loudly  to a song that I don’t know any of the words to and posted a story of it on my snapchat
  16. Cried.
  17. Said it was my birthday when it clearly is no longer my birthday
  18. Called an uber, canceled the uber, reordered the uber and being yelled at by the uber driver, canceled it again and still had to pay five dollars.
  19. Attempted to get on a table and fell.
  20. Everynight I have to see one bouncer who ghosted me and another who thinks we kissed and we HAVE NOT.
  21. Hugged a taco bell employee who called me beautiful and special.

I have definitely done more then 21 embarrassing things but if I don’t stop somewhere the list would never end.  If you ever see me downtown I hope to offer you comedic relief with my awkwardness.  Maybe I’ll do a part 2 some day considering it has only been 25 days since my birthday and all of this has already happened to me.  Overall, 21 is fun.  Alcohol is fun. Downtown is fun. But most importantly, I am fun. img_6598really cute photo of me enjoying 21.

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